Thomas Flohr is that rara avis, a contented man. It is, clearly, wrong to say he is not ambitious, but he has his business model right and has no desire to tamper with it.

What is his business? VistaJet, based in Switzerland, is the largest private aviation company outside the U.S. and specializes in carrying high-worth individuals in new aircraft anywhere in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Since the last time we convened in Geneva, 12 months ago, VistaJet has grown 25% and added six new aircraft. Flohr is looking for another 20% growth before the next EBACE and promises two significant announcements in that direction within the next few months.

Bombardier business jets (Globals, Challengers and Learjets) form the 31-strong VistaJet fleet. There’s no secret agreement, insists Flohr. When the time for expansion comes he surveys the whole market, but Bombardier always seems to offer the best deal.

In fact, VistaJet has had 46 Bombardier jets, the difference of 15 being those traded back after their warranties expired. As stated above, policy is for the fleet to remain a young one, with nothing over five years old.

Thomas Flohr, founder and chairman of VistaJet said, “Look out soon for announcement of VistaJet’s 50th Bombardier. There’s no point in diversifying if you have the recipe right; you need the discipline to stay with it.”