VistaJet delegation was led by Mr Thomas Flohr Founder and Chairman of VistaJet, and backed by Nick Van Der Meer (Flight Operations Manager) and Nina Yates (Cabin Crew Manager) under the high patronage of Mr Frederick Kwok, Chairman of the Board of ESMA Aviation Academy.

Frederick Kwok, chairman of the board of ESMA Aviation Academy said, “This visit is a quite exceptional event which highlights the attractivity of our quality training programs and the unique position of ESMA Aviation Academy on the European aviation training market. I do not know a better business jet company than VistaJet and I am proud to welcome Thomas and his team here at Montpellier and show him our state of the art training facilities in our wonderful flying and living environment.”

Key topic discussed during this meeting was the implementation of an in-house VistaJet Flight Training Academy focusing on pilot and cabin crew training, in view of supporting VistaJet’s high growth with ESMA’s students, selected and trained according to VistaJet’s standards and its high level of expectations. Facilitating the access to VistaJet cockpits and cabins to ESMA students is now the shortest joint target.

Thomas Flohr, founder and chairman of VistaJet said, “Since VistaJet’s first flight in 2004, we continuously increased our fleet with brand new aircraft and our recent order of 10 new Bombardier Jets at the last Paris Air show will bring our fleet up to 60 aircraft within 5 years. This growth will take place in a time of increasing scarcity of qualified personnel and we are now in the right timing to team up with such well-known Flying school like ESMA Aviation Academy in order to identify and select the best candidates among ESMA students able to fit with VistaJet’s unique working culture.

The visit of VistaJet Top Management was a superb opportunity for more than 200 ESMA students to attend a conference and share the strategy of the leading business aviation company in Europe.

Thomas Flohr concluded, “Believe in your instinct and keep on thinking out of the box.”