General Public Planespotter Challenge Winner 2014

Congratulations to Thomas Elstner for his crisp shot showing our Global 6000 aircraft with a clear blue sky in the background.

VistaJet Employees Planespotter Challenge Winner 2014

Congratulations to Gerhard Holzer for his brilliant exterior shot of a VistaJet aircraft with dramatic mountain scenery in the background.

Thank you to everyone who participated in round one of the VistaJet Planespotter 2014 photo contest.

You can still submit your photos and short videos of our VistaJet fleet as the contest is open for new submissions until 21 November. All submissions from rounds one and two will be considered for the grand prizes.

Enter now for a chance to win a VistaJet Global 6000 desktop model and a VistaJet grey leather duffel bag.