VistaJet Brand Guidelines

The VistaJet brand guidelines are aimed to help you better understand the company from a visual perspective. At VistaJet we look to provide a consistent and uniform brand that is modern yet timeless; as well as loyal and understated. We hope these guidelines will serve you with a better understanding of what goes where when looking communicate the VistaJet brand. Please use the brand guidelines as a reference point going forward.


Which logo to use

The VistaJet Logo

To be used at all times unless stated otherwise


White VistaJet Logo

Our main logo with white font. To be used at all times on dark backgrounds or on dark images

The VistaJet Wing

Use the wing in situations where the brand is known or where more subtle branding is required

Logo guidelines

The VistaJet logo should always be:

Surrounded by a minimum area of space

Always in horizontal optical centre

Can be on top or on bottom of page as well as in the centre



What not to do

Never place the logo on an angle

Never replace the grey type with any colour

Never use or create a pixelated logo

Never stretch or compress the logo

Brand colours

VistaJet Grey

Spot Colour

Pantone Cool Grey 9C / Cool Grey 9U


C00 M00 Y00 K55


R116 G118 B118

VistaJet Red

Spot Colour

Pantone 186C / 186U


C00 M100 Y80 K05


R198 G12 B48