Safety and systems

Jet Aviation Flight Services is committed to safety, quality and continuous improvement including proactive training and a strong reporting culture. The company has received a number of world-recognized safety certifications and independent audits including: ARG/US International Platinum Rating, Wyvern Wingman classified and International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) Stage-3 Certification and has established a comprehensive Safety Management Systems (SMS) program, which encompasses flight data monitoring with the Flight Safety Foundation, integrated quality and safety management system and a dedicated flight safety department.

Pilot and crew training

Jet Aviation Flight Services only recruits high calibre pilots, all assessed through an established selection process including simulator and written tests. Each pilot goes through a full type-rating training course, which includes training in a full motion flight simulator, bi annual simulator and annual emergency training and receives extra training into and out of winter airports, such as Aspen, Colorado. Their training providers are audited regularly and a quality control system is in place to guarantee high overall quality of training courses. Crews also follow medical training including CPR, First Aid and HAZMAT Identification with Medaire International and Flight Safety International. Jet Aviation Flight Services also works in partnership with the National Air Transportation Association and FAM International Security for security and risk assessments.