VistaJet Aircraft

Leased to and operated by duly licensed U.S. air carriers

VistaJet U.S. Inc. and VistaJet international Program clients benefit from a simple business model, which ensures truly global coverage with no asset risks or positioning costs. The VistaJet U.S. Inc. service complements the worldwide VistaJet model, the aircraft fly from one destination to the next keeping empty leg flights to a minimum. VistaJet U.S. Inc. arranges flight services as agent of the customer or agent of the carrier, depending on the selected services on the following aircraft:

Global 5000


maximum Range: 5,200nm | 9,630km

maximum Speed: 590mph | 950km/h

cabin Length: 45.7ft | 13.9m

cabin Height: 6.29ft | 1.92m

cabin Width: 8.17ft | 2.49m

baggage capacity: 5.52m3 | 454kg (max)

Built for maximum comfort and speed, the Global 5000 jet features superior cabin volume, dramatically enhancing passenger comfort and productivity. The three zone cabin seats up to 13 passengers and provides up to seven sleeping positions.

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Challenger 350


maximum range: 3,200nm | 5,926km

maximum speed: 541mph | 870km/h

cabin length: 28.62ft | 8.72m

cabin height: 6.1ft | 1.86m

cabin width: 7.2ft | 2.19m

baggage capacity: 3.00m3 | 340kg (max)

The ultimate super-midsize business jet can access more airports than any other contender in its class. With a cabin cross-section nearly the same as a large cabin long-range aircraft, it is one of the most spacious cabins in its category.

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