All the benefits of a personal jet without having to bear any of the responsibility that comes with actually owning an aircraft. Flight solutions designed for high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs and corporates who need to fly regularly with guaranteed availability at a fixed price per hour. Under the Program you flight requirements are managed by VistaJet U.S. Inc. acting as your agent and coordinating with the carrier whilst being appointed by you to contract on behalf of you and in your name.

no capital investment

factory new global 5000 and challenger 350 aircraft

all aircraft under manufacturer warranty

no monthly management fees

fully forecastable and transparent pricing

no ferry fees in service area

all-in cost per hour

guaranteed access with as little as 24 hours notice

interchange program with vistajet for international trips on VistaJet’s own operated fleet

world-class service delivered 24 / 7 / 365

No bureaucracy, one appointment as agent and VistaJet U.S. Inc. gets the paperwork out of your way on your behalf