• Two senior industry figures join VistaJet management team
  • Unique business model attracts international attention

VistaJet, the world’s fastest growing private aviation company with the largest wholly-owned commercial fleet outside the Americas, announces the appointment of Dr Elias Maroun as Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, Middle East. Elias will be responsible for spearheading VistaJet’s commercial growth in the region.

Dr Maroun’s appointment follows on immediately from the recent appointment of Dr Gerald Wissel as Executive Vice President and Global Head of VistaJet’s On Demand business. Dr. Wissel (38) joined VistaJet from Lufthansa German Airlines where he developed Lufthansa Private Jet as a new product and was latterly appointed as its Global Head.

Dr Maroun has specific responsibilities to grow VistaJet’s business in the Middle East region. He has a proven marketing and sales track record in the aviation and automotive industries as well as a background in luxury brands. Prior to joining VistaJet, Dr Maroun was Group Director Middle East for NetJets. Previously Dr Maroun held various Middle East regional roles with General Motors and the Ford Motor Company specialising in luxury brand marketing.

To match the pace of growth in its fleet, VistaJet continues to recruit senior industry figures to its management team.

In May 2008, VistaJet placed an order for 60 Bombardier aircraft with a list value of US$1.2 billion. VistaJet plans to have a fleet of more than 100 state-of-the-art short, mid-range and intercontinental jets by 2012.

This fleet is of such scale that unique cost benefits are passed directly to VistaJet’s customers who receive superior flight solutions matched to individual flight profiles. VistaJet is a leader in the global charter business and is the only private aviation company with new aircraft for On Demand customers. In addition, a Program offers customers another way to access the VistaJet fleet with guaranteed availability, fixed hourly costs and access to the largest service area in business aviation. Customers can fly between Europe, Asia and the Middle East only paying for the hours they fly because there are no positioning costs.

Thomas Flohr, Chairman and Founder, of VistaJet said, “Gerald and Elias are senior industry figures and we are delighted to welcome them to our management team. With continuing deliveries from Bombardier, a growing management team and distinctive flight solutions gaining international attention, VistaJet continues to challenge the industry.”

Dr Elias Maroun, Middle East Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing at VistaJet added, “It is great to be part of VistaJet, the fastest growing private aviation company outside the Americas. The timing is right for VistaJet to be growing its business in the Middle East because this is a relatively new market for private aviation.”