The VistaJet library

Like a good book, private aviation can take you anywhere you want to go.

For years, aviation was considered an escape – a way to leave it all behind. VistaJet has commissioned Heywood Hills, a Royal Warrant boutique bookshop in Mayfair, to curate a library for all tastes and time frames for each of our aircraft - a collection of literature from authors of the past and today.

Global 7500

The largest library in the air

On the Global 7500 you will find a wall-wide library in the permanent stateroom. Indulge in pages from the best titles celebrating the adventure of travel, books for poetry lovers, some classic mystery books, as well as some humour and design titles.

Our favourites

  • Around the World<br />in Eighty Days
    Around the World
    in Eighty Days

    Jules Verne

  • Fishing Stories<br /> 
    Fishing Stories

    Henry Hughes

  • Tinker Tailor<br />Soldier Spy
    Tinker Tailor
    Soldier Spy

    John Le Carre

  • The Big Four<br />(Poirot)
    The Big Four

    Agatha Christie

  • The Mystery of<br />the Yellow Room
    The Mystery of
    the Yellow Room

    Gaston Leroux

  • Lessons in Stoicism<br /> 
    Lessons in Stoicism

    John Sellars

  • Stories from<br />the Kitchen
    Stories from
    the Kitchen

    Diana Secker Tesdell

  • 84, Charing<br />Cross Road
    84, Charing
    Cross Road

    Helene Hanff

  • Going Solo
    Going Solo

    Roald Dahl

  • The Foreigner<br /> 
    The Foreigner

    Richard Sennett

  • Questions of Travel<br /> 
    Questions of Travel

    Lavinia Greenlaw

  • Pilgrims of the Air<br /> 
    Pilgrims of the Air

    John Wilson Foster

  • The White Darkness<br /> 
    The White Darkness

    David Grann

  • Poems for Travellers<br /> 
    Poems for Travellers

    Various Artists

  • The Golden Treasury<br />of English Verse
    The Golden Treasury
    of English Verse

    Francis Turner Palgrave

  • Our Man in Havana<br /> 
    Our Man in Havana

    Graham Greene

  • Babel<br /> 

    Gaston Dorren

From around the world

Indulge in some of the best foreign language books on board VistaJet. Curated with foreign language specialists Grant & Cutler, the VistaJet library also includes a range of bestsellers in French, Russian, Spanish and Mandarin.

  • Les Fleurs<br />du mal
    Les Fleurs
    du mal

    Charles Baudelaire

  • L'enigme de la<br />Chambre 622
    L'enigme de la
    Chambre 622

    Joël Dicker

  • Les Toits de Paris<br /> 
    Les Toits de Paris

    Carl Norac

  • Civilizations<br /> 

    Laurent Binet

  • Shlem Uzhasa<br /> 
    Shlem Uzhasa

    Viktor Pelevin

  • Zuleika Otkrivatet<br />Glaza
    Zuleika Otkrivatet

    Guzel Yakhina

VistaJet books


In 2015, VistaJet and Assouline wrote The Art of Flying – a glimpse into the secret, multi-faceted history of aviation, from architecture to design, culture to fashion. A collection of the cultural references behind VistaJet’s unparalleled service and sophisticated style, rich with inspiration from the golden age of flying and beyond.


In 2018, VistaJet invited popular oenophiles including Sofia Coppola, Andrea Bocelli, Jeannie Cho Lee and Daniel Boulud, to contribute to The Wine in the Sky Questionnaire, a compendium of suggestions for tasting, serving and transporting wine on travels around the world. Published in collaboration with Assouline, the book advises on how to select the most appropriate wines considering the different effects of flying on our senses.


Meet Scarlet and Milo, as they explore the world from Moscow to the Land of Dragons and London to the moon on the most incredible traveling machines - all silver with a red stripe! Designed by the talented Alexandra Ball, the six part series will make your children travel straight into a wonderful world of pure imagination.

Our partners

Situated in the heart of Mayfair, Heywood Hill is one of the leading bookshops of London. Their staff are dedicated bibliophiles who understand the importance of matching the right book with the right person and occasion. Established in 1936, they are the official bookseller to Her Majesty the Queen who awarded the shop a Royal Warrant in 2011.

Established in 1936, Grant & Cutler was the largest independent foreign-language bookseller in the UK. In 2011 the firm merged with Foyles and now operates from its new flagship store in London’s Charing Cross Road. Curating an authoritative range of foreign language books, Grant & Cutler at Foyles offers an extensive range to cover foreign language bestsellers in literature and non-fiction.