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Bombardier aircraft fly up to 7,700nm with a flight time of up to 17 hours non-stop, offering seamless and time-efficient travel. With purpose-built cabin space, these aircraft are designed for ultimate comfort and productivity in-flight. Bombardier manufactures two leading aircraft families – Challenger and Global, both come with facilities for fine dining on board. Bombardier aircraft accommodate up to 14 passengers seated or 8 sleeping.

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Aircraft manufactured by Gulfstream can fly up to 4,300nm with a flight time of around 9 hours. The iconic Gulfstream business jets allow passengers to stay connected in-flight whether for business or relaxation, and arrive at destination feeling refreshed due to ultra-low cabin altitude. Aircraft accommodate up to 16 passengers seated or 6 sleeping.

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Aircraft manufactured by Embraer can fly up to 4,600nm with a flight time of around 8 hours. These Embraer business jets offer outstanding versatility and wide cabin space for up to 18 passengers seated or 7 sleeping. Aircraft include the Lineage 100E, Legacy 650/650E and Praetor 600.



Cessna aircraft can fly up to 4,360nm with a flight time of around 5 hours. These light jets provide stellar runway performance with comfortable cabins, which include the Citation X, Citation Excel and Citation XLS/XLS+ aircraft. Cessna aircraft accommodate up to 12 passengers seated or 6 sleeping.



Dassault aircraft can fly up to 5,950nm with a flight time of around 11 hours. Currently offered is the Falcon 7X, an aerodynamic and uniquely elegant aircraft with unrivaled performance, particularly on short runway airports. The aircraft features an advanced cabin pressure system with three ample separate living spaces that accommodates up to 12 passengers seated.


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