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To celebrate VistaJet’s 15th anniversary, the Private Office presents VistaJet World – fifteen one-of-a-kind journeys designed exclusively for Members.

VistaJet Private Office provides Members with bespoke services and access to the world’s most incredible experiences via a global network of selected partners and advisors. Upon request, each recommendation is tailored around our Members’ individual passions and preferences.


Discover an ancient lost city

Be the first to discover an ancient city in Colombia, lost deep in the Amazonian rainforest. Take part in a pioneering research expedition, joined by an expert team of archaeologists, explorers and conservationists to fly over the jungle, using high-spec LIDAR scanning technology to unveil the secrets hidden in the canopy below. Explore lagoons home to the pink river dolphins and join the global Heritage Colombia effort to protect forests, species and indigenous cultures for the future.


A peak into scientific discovery

Designed exclusively for VistaJet Members, take a private tour across the U.S. led by acclaimed physician and entrepreneur Dr Jordan Shlain to explore science behind-the-scenes of state-of-the-art labs. VistaJet Members will be invited to meet the remarkable minds at the forefront of today’s pioneering health-tech and gain insight into future investment opportunities; from Chan Zuckerbeg bio hub in San Francisco to delving deep into neuroscience and cognitive genomics.

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Global wine tour

Uncover bottles from the private collection of one of the world’s oldest wine making families and be guest of honor at their private residences. VistaJet Members can request round-the-world itineraries to learn, discover and savor the world of fine wine with personal introductions to the world’s best winemakers and wine clubs. Discover the wines that taste the best at altitude with VistaJet’s sensory experiment in the sky, or host a blind tasting on board your next flight.


Your next adventure

VistaJet Private Office connects Members with world leading travel designers globally, to design journeys to unlock the world with VistaJet. Whether intrepid adventurer or avid entrepreneur, wine connoisseur or epicure, we can curate around-the-world tours, wellness retreats and educational or investment trips.

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