January 21, 2021

The world’s top business travel destinations


Business travel can be vital for breaking into new markets, building partnerships or simply observing different ways of thinking. But not all destinations are created equal. Some hold more influence than others, so researching the best cities for business can help you get more value out of your ventures.

Below we’ve highlighted the world’s top business travel destinations, focusing on leaders in finance, tech and fashion. Find out where to book your next business trip with VistaJet.

Invest your time in the financial capital of the world

Thanks to factors such as strategic positioning, the presence of leading financial institutions and stable, welcoming regulatory environments, the world’s financial centres hold enormous economic influence. But where are financial professionals currently hedging their bets?

New York and London remain at the forefront the financial world. Sitting atop the Global Financial Centres Index, New York boasts the two largest stock exchanges in the world as well as renowned investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

Closer to home, London has been a global financial hub for centuries and is one of the largest exporters of financial services.

The future financial capital of the world could lay in Asia, however. Tokyo is quickly climbing the charts while Singapore and Hong Kong are favoured for their ease of doing business. Meanwhile, experts predict Shanghai will become the next global financial hub by 2025 – so it could pay to get in early.

Touch down in leading tech hub cities

It can be impossible to predict where the next big idea will take off – but looking to the world’s leading tech hub cities can be a good indicator.

More a region than a city, Silicon Valley has long been a prestigious incubator for innovation. It’s home to the densest concentration of tech companies in the world, many of which are industry leaders, and fosters a culture of collaboration you’d be wise to tap into.

Looking beyond California, London again performs strongly after venture capital funding for British start-ups grew by 44% in 2019. Beijing should also be on your radar thanks to its reputation as a hub for unicorn start-ups and large exits.

Other cities worth monitoring for tech entrepreneurs are Berlin, Bangalore and Tel Aviv.

Arrive in style in the fashion capital of the world

Fashion is a cosmopolitan industry by nature – yet certain areas continue to set trends thanks to the investment and output they generate. While Tokyo, Berlin and Barcelona are all up and coming, it’s Paris, New York, London and Milan that continue to battle for the title of fashion capital of the world.

Are you looking to invest in the next big designer? The big four are home to leading fashion schools honing the next generation of talent. Each city also hosts prestigious events in the fashion calendar, making them ideal for business or pleasure as you rub shoulders with various cultural icons.

And if you want to pick out a new suit or dress for your next meeting, you’ll find flagship stores of countless leading fashion houses.

Why flying private is ideal for business leaders

Flying to the world’s top business travel destinations with VistaJet can make your experience as convenient and comfortable as possible.

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