January 22, 2021

Business Planes and Empty Leg Flights


Do you regularly jet off on business? Need to get from one country to another quickly and efficiently, often on short notice? Then our empty leg flights may be just the ticket.

Wondering what exactly an empty leg flight is? Essentially, it’s a one-way journey with a pre-determined destination, flight time and aircraft type. These journeys are a result of customers booking a private flight – when the aircraft arrives at the customer’s destination, it then needs to travel to its next destination to pick up its next customer. This journey is known as the ‘empty leg’ and the details are typically released a few days before departure.

If you need a private business plane to get you from A to B, there are several benefits to choosing empty leg flights. Take a look at some of the perks below.

Take advantage of cheaper charters

Empty leg flights are a great way to experience the luxury of a private business jet charter for less. Due to their pre-determined departure times and destinations, they are often significantly cheaper than our regular private charters, sometimes up to 75%. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the perks of luxury private travel for a fraction of the cost – a highly desirable choice for those who regularly travel for business. The cost savings can be even greater if you’re travelling with a group of colleagues. As the entire flight is discounted, the more people that travel the cheaper each person’s journey is! It’s also a hassle-free way of travelling by private plane without the responsibility of ownership – so you don’t need to worry about the various business jet operating costs.

Arrange short-notice meetings

Of course, the nature of empty leg flights means you need a degree of flexibility with the times you can travel. This may be ideal if you’re arranging a meeting in another country at short notice and there’s an appropriate empty leg flight headed in the right direction. Or, if you’ve been working away from home and there’s been a change of plans such as a cancelled meeting, you can take advantage of upcoming empty leg flights to get you home. This makes it both a luxurious and efficient way to travel if you can tailor your arrangements in line with the empty leg flight times.

Reduce travel time

When you travel on commercial flights, you may experience long queues at the airport and busy terminals as you wait to board. On the other hand, when you travel on a private business plane, you will usually pass through a separate security area and wait in a dedicated FBO away from the main airport terminals. Even if you are travelling with colleagues or business partners, you are less likely to face long queues which should cut the overall time you spend travelling. This is great if you don’t have much time to spare and want to focus on work.

Enjoy the premium experience

Travelling on a private business plane charter is a truly premium experience. With luxurious interiors and dedicated staff on hand to ensure your trip is nothing short of exceptional, you can be sure you’ll get from A to B in the utmost comfort. Privacy is a major plus – relax, sleep or work as you please. If you are travelling with colleagues, there are many business planes with meeting spaces which are ideal if you want to utilise your time in the sky. Or, if you’re travelling solo and want to get some rest before an important business venture, you can get some shut eye in peace and quiet on the aircraft. It’s completely up to you – which is why our business jet charters are an effective way to travel internationally.

Sound good? One of the best ways to keep up to date with our empty leg flights is becoming a Direct Member and downloading the Vistajet app. You can sign up for notifications to receive the latest empty leg flight times in your area at special rates – what’s not to love? Make your next work trip a memorable one by booking your business plane charter with us.