December 10, 2021

Conservation and exploring the Altai


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Explore this extreme, nomadic and bewildering Mongolia, traveling through its wide expanses of untouched rolling hills, the striking Lake Khövsgöl and the Tsaatan reindeer herders. Discover the remarkable landscapes, spending nights with nomads sleeping in traditional ger tents, redesigned to include all the modern luxuries. VistaJet Members are welcomed to the majestic, glaciated Altai Mountains, home to the iconic Kazakh eagle hunters, getting to know their hosts, riding on horseback with them as they hunt, learning how the young birds are trained, watching games such as ‘kukhbar’, and getting an incredible first-hand insight into this vanishing way of life.

Next, they can work with local researchers and conservationists to track the rare and endangered Mongolian snow leopard — assisting field experts in setting up camera traps, tagging satellite tracking collars and learning how local communities and conservationists are working together to safeguard these precious cats.

Other highlights include traditional music with an impromptu ‘dombra’ concert by local musicians; a Naadam festival and Mongolian archery; climbing to the top of the Khongoryn Els dunes in the Gobi Desert; and a camel ride to the Flaming Cliffs of Bayanzag, the world’s largest dinosaur graveyard.