November 30, 2020

Empty Leg Private Jet Charter in Hawaii


Whether you need to get to Hawaii to soak up some sun, or have a meeting planned with a client, a private jet to Hawaii with VistaJet is the perfect way to travel to this paradise island. On your private charter jet to Hawaii, we can guarantee you a luxurious and efficient service, and if you choose an empty leg journey you could save up to 75% off your fare – compared with the regular cost of a private jet to Hawaii.

What’s the difference between an empty leg flight and a regular private jet charter to Hawaii?

Unlike a regular private jet charter to Hawaii, an empty leg flight has a pre-defined departure airport, destination and timing. This eliminates the spontaneous nature of a traditional private jet charter that many customers prefer or need as part of their lifestyle, but can be an extremely cost-effective way of taking a private jet to Hawaii – without compromising on luxury or style.

I want to know more about an empty leg private jet charter to Hawaii and private jet hire from Hawaii. Where can VistaJet take me?

VistaJet is here to suit your needs – whether for business or leisure – and our empty leg flights are no different. Because of the nature of their pre-determined requirements, empty leg seats are perfect for if you’ve had a last-minute business meeting in Hong Kong, tickets to watch the All Blacks in New Zealand, or simply want a spontaneous trip to escape the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas.

How do I find out about empty leg flights to and from Hawaii?

To ensure that you always receive preferential rates and are fully informed of all empty leg journeys, download the VistaJet app via the App Store or Google Play and become a Direct Member. With our empty leg journeys, the cost of a private jet to Hawaii could be up to 75% cheaper compared with a traditional private jet to Hawaii. For more information, contact us or request a quote to find out how you can start travelling the globe in luxury.