November 30, 2020

Empty Leg Private Jet Charter in Singapore


As a private jet company in Singapore, VistaJet offers our clients luxury travel options to global destinations. Our empty leg service allows our passengers the chance to fly on a private jet charter to and from Singapore at a reduced rate – without compromising on service.

What are the benefits of an empty leg private jet service?

An empty leg private jet charter to Singapore is ideal if you’ve enjoyed a late-night opera in Vienna and need to return to Singapore for work, or perhaps you’re required in the UAE to meet a client. An empty leg service is the perfect choice for those last-minute plans and can sometimes be up to 75% cheaper than a regular private charter fare.

Which locations can I travel to on an empty leg flight from Singapore?

Depending on your needs, we offer empty leg flights departing and arriving in Singapore from around the globe. Choose an empty leg seat on a private jet from Singapore to Bali for a spontaneous tropical getaway, or head to Hong Kong for some award-winning Asian cuisine.

Why is an empty leg service cheaper than a regular private jet charter to Singapore?

Empty leg flights have pre-determined departure dates, destinations and aircraft types. This makes empty leg seats a perfect option for last-minute leisure trips, as well as short notice meetings. When you book these types of seats, they could therefore be significantly cheaper than any of our regular services.

How do I arrange a private jet charter to Singapore?

Arranging a private jet charter to Singapore is easy. All you have to do is simply download the VistaJet app and discover our flights. Become a Direct Member today to explore our empty leg options, or contact us for all enquiries.