January 22, 2021

Empty Leg Private Jet to/from Hong Kong


Whether you’re travelling into or out of this vibrant city, fly in style on one of our private jets in Hong Kong. With luxury interiors, efficient services and a global reach, we can get you from A to B in the utmost comfort. Plus, our empty leg flights allow you to enjoy the benefits of private air travel at a fraction of the cost – giving you an unrivalled travel experience for less.

I’m looking for a private jet company in Hong Kong. Do you offer this service?

Absolutely. Our team fly to 96% of the world and offer passengers access to our fleet of 70+ premium aircraft. As a truly global private jet company, Hong Kong is within easy reach from hundreds of destinations, including the UK, Australia and the United States. When you board a private jet to Hong Kong with VistaJet, we’ll ensure your experience is nothing short of extraordinary – with quality entertainment, world-class cuisine and dedicated, experienced flight crew.

What are the benefits of an empty leg flight?

Our empty leg private jets to Hong Kong are a great way to experience luxury travel for less. This is because they operate slightly differently to our usual private charters. After a plane has flown a customer to their required destination, it will need to jet off to another destination to pick up the next customer. This journey is known as the ‘empty leg’ of a one-way private flight, and has a predetermined departure time, date and destination.

You can typically save between 25-75% off the usual cost of a private jet to Hong Kong when you book an empty leg flight – making it an ideal option for those with flexible travel arrangements.

How can I book a private jet in Hong Kong?

We like to make booking a private jet to or from Hong Kong simple – you can do so using the VistaJet app, which can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play. If you’d like to be notified of relevant flights in your area, become a Direct Member to keep up to date and access special rates. Alternatively, you can check out our Offers and FAQs page or request a quote.