January 22, 2021

Empty Leg Private Jet to/from Japan


There is no other country in the world that fuses ancient history with cutting-edge modernity like Japan. A leading business hub of Asia and a unique tourist destination, it’s always a pleasure for the silver and red of VistaJet to touch down in one of the country’s 98 airports. Nowhere is off limits to our fleet, therefore nowhere is off limits to you.

Whether it’s a trip to explore the wonders of Mount Fuji or an important meeting in the heart of Tokyo, we’ll help you enjoy your time in Japan to the fullest – and now you can experience the full VistaJet package at a reduced rate with our empty leg flights to and from Japan.

Where can an empty leg private jet from Japan take me? And where can I travel from when visiting?

Our aim is to make flying private in Japan simple. When it comes to where you can travel to and from, the answer is virtually anywhere in the world. Our global coverage currently sits at 96%, with our fleet travelling in and out of 187 countries on flights tailored to our passenger’s needs.

If you’re flying on an empty leg with us, you’ll be taking advantage of one of our repositioning flights. That may mean that your departure or arrival location is already predetermined, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the full VistaJet experience, just at a significantly reduced rate. With private clients flying with us daily, staying up to date with our ever-changing empty leg schedule could see you find a route that works perfectly for you.

In exchange for a little flexibility on your side, we can help you to travel the world in unparalleled fashion – at a fraction of the typical costs.

How much does a private jet to Japan cost, and vice versa?

Your private jet to Japan’s cost is completely tailored to you and dependent on a number of factors. Where are you flying from? How many are travelling? What sort of jet are you flying on? What services have you requested in-flight? These are just a few of the fundamental questions which will define the cost of your package. With every flight we provide, our aim is to meet the specific demands of our customer, so you’ll be presented with a bespoke price for a bespoke package.

Where empty legs are concerned, all of the above still applies. However, empty leg flights can cost anywhere from 25-75% less than our standard rates depending on the route, making them outstanding value.

Booking your empty leg flights

Could our empty leg opportunities fit your schedule? Download the VistaJet app, become one of our Direct Members and we’ll keep you updated on our empty leg schedule and discounted flights flying into and out of Japan. The VistaJet app is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

For more information on empty leg flights, visit our empty leg offers and FAQs page.