January 22, 2021

Empty leg private jets in Berlin


Are you heading to the German capital for an important business meeting? Or perhaps you’re jetting off from Berlin to catch up with friends or family? No matter what the reason for your trip, we can get you there in comfort and style on board one of our luxury private jets in Berlin. We operate empty leg flights both in and out of this vibrant city, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a truly luxurious journey for a fraction of the price of a normal private charter.

What are empty leg flights and what are the benefits?

Our empty leg flights work slightly differently to our usual private jet charters. Once a customer books a private flight from A to B (like Berlin, in this case), the plane will need to fly to another destination to pick up the next customer. This journey is known as the ‘empty leg’ of a one-way private flight, and therefore has a predetermined aircraft type, departure date, time and destination.

Due to the set nature of an empty leg private jet in Berlin, they are often much cheaper than a typical private charter fare. This is ideal for those who wish to jet off spontaneously to see friends and family, or businesspeople who need to attend an impromptu meeting. You can check out the latest empty leg private jets to or from Berlin on the VistaJet app.

How much does a private jet charter to Berlin cost?

The price of a private jet charter to Berlin will depend on several factors, such as the type of aircraft, flight duration and number of passengers on board. As mentioned above, empty leg flights operate slightly differently to our normal charters because they have a pre-set destination and flight time. This means that you can often take advantage of heavily reduced rates, often between 25-75% off the usual cost of our private jets to Berlin.

How do I book a private jet in Berlin?

Booking a private jet in Berlin is quick and easy on the VistaJet app. If you become a Direct Member, you’ll gain access to the latest empty leg flights from and to your local airport as well as any special rates we have available. You can download the app through the App Store or Google Play.