January 24, 2022

Five ways to celebrate Lunar New Year in the air


The Lunar New Year offers a valuable opportunity to reconnect, reminisce about times gone by and create new memories. Celebrated across Asia and beyond, it’s a chance to share thanks for good fortune and look to the future with those closest to our hearts.

We feel privileged to help our members and their families come together. With our global coverage and tailored in-flight experiences, here’s how to usher in the Year of the Tiger with a little help from VistaJet.

1. Reunite with family and friends

In the modern era of globalisation, we’re free to explore, develop businesses and pursue dreams all around the world. But while such endeavours can take us far from our family and friends, the Lunar New Year demands that we make every effort to reunite.

And many do. Lunar New Year typically drives the world’s largest human migration, with hundreds of millions of trips taken each year to celebrate the occasion. It can naturally cause stress and delays – but with 96% of the world’s countries covered by VistaJet, plus guaranteed aircraft availability for Program members, we can bring you home anywhere, anytime, relaxed.

2. Indulge in a feast

Few feasts are more eagerly anticipated than those enjoyed together on New Year’s Eve. These meals provide the nourishment of good company as well as good food – and much of what is served is inherently symbolic. Popular options range from fish, representing surplus of fortune in the next year, to whole chickens, standing for prosperity, and spring rolls signifying wealth.

All that pressure and preparation can easily become overwhelming – unless you can relax and enjoy a special in-flight feast instead. Our delicious dining options are curated by the world’s best chefs, who have the knowledge and skill required to cater to all cultures. One thing is for sure, your group won’t touch down feeling hungry!

3. Absorb the Spring Festival Gala

The Spring Festival Gala holds the Guinness World Record for being the most-watched national network TV broadcast in history. The show is aired on Lunar New Year’s Eve and showcases enthralling performances from dancing to martial arts and opera.

Set-up is crucial when it comes to cinematic events like these – and the facilities of our Global 7500 are hard to beat. Step on board and spread out over the largest cabin in private aviation, before settling in the entertainment suite for the evening. With record-breaking flight speeds and exceptional on-board Wi-Fi, the Global 7500 delivers the fastest live streaming experience in more ways than one.

4. Excite all ages

The Lunar New Year brings joy in people of all ages. With all the festivities, family time and extended breaks from school to look forward to, it can be an especially magical time of year for children. Fun traditions include decorating the house, watching fireworks and receiving lucky red envelopes filled with money and good luck.

With VistaJet, you won’t have to wait until you get home for the entertainment to begin. Our extensive Adventures in the Sky program provides a range of exciting and educational experiences created in collaboration with children’s entertainment experts Sharky & George.

5. Celebrate local cultures

While the Lunar New Year is often referred to as Chinese New Year in the West, the holiday is celebrated across Asia, and many countries and cultures have their own unique traditions.

In China, for example, people clean their homes, hang red knots and couplets to ward off evil spirits and use pots of kumquat to signify wealth and harvest, while Korean feasts begin with deep bows in respect to ancestors. Vietnamese celebrations involve decorating homes with flowering peach trees for good fortune.

However you celebrate the Lunar New Year, we’re here to help you feel at home. The VistaJet team comprises over 1,000 aviation experts from more than 60 countries, while our cabin hostesses speak an average of three languages. From cabin service to fine dining experiences and all the details between, we can provide a tailored travel experience this holiday.

Celebrate Lunar New Year with VistaJet

We operate a fleet of over 80 aircraft and have flown to more than 1,900 airports across the globe. Wherever you’re travelling to or from for the festive period, we can get you there on time and in good spirits.

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