September 20, 2021

Fly globally with no limits and no positioning fees


We aim to best serve our clients however we can. It’s why we seek to do things differently. And it’s also one major reason why our clients have the chance to take advantage of genuine global private jet availability – anywhere, anytime. Using the latest technology and our value-driven approach, we’re allowing our Program members to fly more freely.

It’s not just this sense of global freedom that VistaJet can serve. Our customers benefit from straightforward, transparent rates on all their chosen routes, with no ferry flight expenses and no hidden surcharges.


No positioning

Hourly ferry flight fees add tens of thousands to the cost of a flight. Not only that, but they add confusion and uncertainty. How can you be 100% sure of how much your flight will cost if there are extra charges for returning an aircraft to its home base or service area?

We removed this restrictive burden so that our clients only ever pay for the time they are in the air. It’s a feature of our Program that delivers exceptional savings for private individuals and company Chief Financial Officers – especially when compared to the cost of ownership.

There’s no place like “home”

At VistaJet, we can guarantee that our positioning fees are a thing of the past. Our global infrastructure means that none of our aircraft have a “home” to fly back to – with the VistaJet floating fleet model now containing more than 70 identically branded jets. When you book with us, we simply move the nearest plane to pick you up.

This model gives us the ability to distribute and optimise the coverage of our aircraft. In global terms, it means putting jets on runways wherever you – our client – want them. We can serve more than 1,600 airports in around 187 countries. And it also means guaranteed availability in as little as 24 hours. In other terms, we can always be your local, global private jet company.

Cutting-edge technology

We owe much of our capabilities to the seismic investment we’re making in the technology we use. This doesn’t just help us serve our clients better, it also enables us to make a greater contribution to the private aviation industry’s sustainability targets.

We are using the latest cutting-edge solutions to enhance our route-planning capabilities. Part of this involves using artificial intelligence to better understand our clients’ behaviours. By doing so, we want to reduce the number of our Empty Leg flights to the lowest level possible.

At the same time, we can optimise the VistaJet floating fleet model to improve our global reach further.

Bringing the world closer

“When you call a taxi, you don’t worry about paying for its journey to you.”
VistaJet Founder and Chairman, Thomas Flohr

No private aviation company can match us for logistics and infrastructure. With our unique and market-leading ability to manage flights 24/7, we can fly global Program members to wherever they choose – no fuss, no extra fees, no limits.

Why not learn more about what our Program can deliver? Or, to explore your options for a particular flight requirement you have, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the form below.