January 20, 2021

How to build an international brand


If you’re hoping to build a business empire, you’re going to need to break into international markets. With a successful brand on a domestic level, you’ll know how much hard work it has taken to achieve what you have so far. If you want to establish it worldwide, however, there are many things to take into consideration. With strong willpower and the right strategy, you will no doubt be able to accomplish your goal.

Tapping into a number of different markets requires working across different locations, cultures and languages. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, you’ll have to seriously consider how you are going to appeal to the behaviors and values of different audiences. Getting inside the minds of your target markets is vital.

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So, just what steps do you need to take in order to build a successful international brand?

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

What is your mission as a business? Once you have defined that, you will be able to identify what sets you apart from other brands. These differentiators will enable you to connect with your customers, allowing you to build a deeper, emotional platform.

Do your research on the global marketplace

You’re moving your business across the world. This means that research is key. Spend time finding out which brands are the top competitors in your target areas. Discover what appeals to different audiences. Before taking your brand across the world, consider whether you need to adapt your logo, colors or name to avoid any cultural faux pas.

Pick the right people for your team

Hiring the right people is a necessity. The people that work by your side every day must have the same amount of passion for the service or products as you do. Find people that believe in your vision, because they’ll help you to achieve the company’s goals.

Create a solid marketing strategy

Global presence can be achieved when you understand all of your target markets and create a solid strategy. Who needs your product or service? And how do you plan on delivering it?

In order to reach your target audience, use content to educate them. If you don’t have the knowledge or experience to make your marketing campaigns successful, consider hiring an international SEO agency. Through research, PR and link building, they will have the tools to improve your online visibility across the globe.

In the meantime, ensure that you are creating authentic video tutorials to help people learn about your products, building relationships with your subscribers via email, leveraging influencers, blogging, developing fantastic lead magnets and utilizing social media platforms.

Think about your timings

Timing is key when it comes to business. If you’re up against forward-thinking companies, you might be viewed as outdated, but if you release your product or service in another location, you could be ahead of the curve. Know what’s going to be well-received in each location before launching there.

Preserve your brand identity

A disjointed brand identity could cause distrust among customers. In order to maintain yours, there are a number of things you can do, including placing your logo everywhere, staying active on social media, repurposing your content, adapting over time and keeping your messaging consistent.

When you’re considering your international branding strategies, remember what your company stands for. From there, you can build emotional attachments with buyers, who will then become loyal to your brand. And of course, ensure that you are always consumer-centric. You need to be adding value to the lives of your customers, so place them at the heart of your message.

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