January 19, 2021

How to Have a Zen Like Travel Experience


Travel Hacks: Zen-Like Travel Experience

Whether you travel frequently – for business or leisure – or take only a few long-haul flights a year, flying across the globe can be a stressful experience. Cultivate a stress-free travel routine and focus on your personal wellbeing to enjoy a calm, relaxed journey.

As world leaders in aviation, we understand the pressure and anxiety flying can cause some travellers. From managing busy airports to tricky turbulence, we have curated our top stress-free travel tips to help you relax during your next flight.

Prepare your mind to travel

Rushing around the airport to check in your baggage, pass through security and sprint for the gate is never a recipe for a relaxing journey.

Create a checklist of everything you need to do before you travel and while you travel. Include things like remembering passports, must-haves for your cabin luggage, what you need to pack, visas and so on.

Then, prioritise your list and check through each item as you do it. Plan far enough in advance so you can add last-minute notes if needed. Before you fly, work through your checklist and enjoy some peace of mind knowing everything is done.

Develop a pre-flight routine

On the day you travel, or the evening before for early-morning flights, practice a calming routine that includes yoga, meditation and mindfulness exercises. These exercises can lower levels of anxiety and soothe your nervous system; helping you to keep a clear mind when you travel.

Spend 20 minutes before you leave for the airport trying meditation for travel. Choose a guided mindfulness meditation for anxious travellers online, allowing yourself to be guided into a zen-like state of calm.

Write down all your fears in a diary. It will help you to get them off your mind and see them objectively. Challenge each of your anxieties with facts that negate them to gain some perspective and minimise your worries.

Try calming onboard rituals

Once you are boarded, begin a calming pre-flight ritual and set the tone for your journey. Soothing essential oil blends are a great way to relax your nervous system. Place a few drops in the palm of your hand, massage your hands together, then inhale the calming aromas in a long, smooth breath.

Pranayama breathing exercises can be done in your seat and relax you before departure. Follow a guided breathing exercise via an app or online tutorial to focus your attention on your breath.

When your flight reaches its cruising altitude, why not try some airplane yoga? You could practice a seat-based routine or take advantage of the space provided by private air travel and commit to a full sun salutation.

If yoga is not your preference, there are other airplane exercises for long flights that you can do. From simple neck and ankle rolls to shoulder stretches and walking around the cabin, staying active will keep your mind focused throughout your journey.

Manage take-off and landing

For many travellers, the rapid change of altitude during take-off and landing can cause significant stress. Whether you worry about pressure changes causing you headaches or turbulent take-offs, it is worthwhile preparing yourself to relax during both.

Listen to relaxing travel music as you begin the ascent. Soothing sounds such as Indian flute music or sounds of nature can ease you into a peaceful state. Prepare the playlist you want to listen to ahead of time, so you’ll be able to play your music even when your device is in aeroplane mode.

Fly with us

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