January 22, 2021

Jet card cost comparison


From on-demand charters to bespoke private memberships and full-blown aircraft ownership, carrying out a jet card cost comparison is essential in finding the right private aviation solution for you.

Each tier of travel offers an escape from the disruption and delays of commercial flying. Yet varying prices and levels of service mean it can be difficult to establish which best meets your needs.

Below you can find information on jet cards compared to chartering and ownership to help narrow down your options − and give you confidence in your financial decisions.

Charter vs jet card price comparison

If you’ve had a taster of private aviation and are keen to make it your go-to option, you’ll want to see how jet card programs stack up against on-demand chartering. The main difference is that many jet cards − including our Program − offer guaranteed pricing in advance. Charter pricing on the other hand can vary flight by flight, even if travelling to the same destination.

And with jet cards offering fixed one-way pricing, you’ll only pay for the time you’re in the air. You don’t need to cover the other leg if you don’t plan to use it − and you won’t be required to pay aircraft repositioning fees, pilot wait time or landing fees. You may need to do so with a private charter.

There is another option to consider. Empty leg or ‘ferry’ flights are carried out to pick up new clients and have pre-defined departures and destinations. They’re great value if you can afford to be flexible, but they don’t offer the same choice and convenience of a jet card.

Ownership vs private jet membership comparison

The cost of private jet ownership is either out of reach or unwanted for most. Beyond the upfront purchase fee, there’s also depreciation, asset risk and expensive repairs to factor in. You’ll also need to cover repositioning costs if you want to fly but aren’t close to your aircraft at the time. Jet cards, however, do still involve an upfront fee as you usually pay for an annual allocation of flight hours.

Jet cards compared

There are various companies out there offering jet card-style memberships − but not all programs are the same. Below are some of the key factors which may affect their price.

Most memberships are charged at an hourly rate, though some are based on mileage. With the former, you may be charged for the actual flight time or the estimated flight time quoted when booking. The best hourly rates are offered through one-way pricing as this means you won’t be charged any of the costs associated with transporting the plane and crew to you or to base. Alternatively, some companies offer dynamic pricing which varies based on mid-market rates.

Another key term to look out for in private jet card comparisons is Primary Service Area (PSA). This refers to the geographic area where guaranteed availability, fixed rates and other features apply – which with VistaJet is truly global. You’ll also want to check whether jet card prices cover taxi time and fuel surcharges.

Are you ready to carry out more in-depth research? Use our cost calculator to analyse the value of our Program membership, and don’t hesitate to speak to our experienced team for further guidance with your jet card cost comparison.