January 22, 2021

Jet Card


Are you tired of the endless disruption and lack of control associated with commercial flying? Perhaps you’ve had a taster of private air travel and want to make it your default option − without the hassle of owning an aircraft. There are several reasons why a jet card could be the perfect travel choice for you.

Private jet card programs are designed for individuals who want to fly in comfort and luxury on their own schedule. Learn more about how our program works below, including jet card pricing and application.

VistaJet Program membership explained

There are many jet card companies out there, but few come close to matching the advantages offered by our Program membership.

You’ll receive guaranteed availability on our iconic fleet of over 70 jets, globally, with as little as 24 hours’ notice. That includes domestic and international routes of your choice and all at a fixed hourly rate. Our jet card cost is simple − you only pay for the time you’re in the air.

It’s an innovative jet card solution designed for corporate leaders and private individuals like you who require convenience and comfort at all times.

The benefits of jet card programs

Private jet card programs offer an attractive middle ground between on-demand chartering and aircraft ownership. Take a look at the key benefits below to see if our Program membership could suit your needs.

Travel anywhere, anytime: Do you want the flexibility to arrive anywhere in the world at short notice? Whether for business or pleasure, guaranteed availability means just that. The opportunities are truly global with VistaJet − we’ve flown our passengers to 96% of the world’s countries.

Avoid the responsibilities of ownership: Investing in a private jet comes at a significant cost and can become a burden. But with a jet card solution, you’ll enjoy the same freedoms without having to worry about depreciation or asset risk.

Know how much you’re spending: Fixed hourly rates are ideal if you want to know your travel costs in advance. And with our Program membership, you won’t need to cover the various costs associated with getting the aircraft and crew to you like you may with standard charters.

Enjoy a consistent experience: Using one private provider ensures you receive the same level of service every time you fly. With VistaJet, that includes an accomplished crew, exquisite private dining and an expertly curated wine program – as well as tailored experiences for children and pets.

Fly safe: The best jet card companies should place safety above all else. We meet and exceed the most demanding standards in the world, and you can take peace of mind in our experience and expertise every time you step on board.

Jet card application

Are you ready to take your air travel to the next level? It’s worth researching your options to determine what gives you the best value. Private jet card prices are dictated by several factors including how regularly you fly, what routes you take and the size of the aircraft. Many are then offered as an allocation of flight hours.

Our Program membership is an annual package tailored to your typical flight pattern and preferences. One way to see what yours could be is to start building your Program through our website. Another is to contact our friendly team – they’ll be more than happy to help.