August 18, 2020

Meet the global aviation experts


Private jet lives in the COVID-19 era

Private aviation has been highly impacted by COVID-19. Work and life routines have changed around flight restrictions, government regulations and the increased requirements in safety.

In celebration of National Aviation Day, please be introduced to six of the over 1,000 VistaJet aviation experts, sharing their experience of working in the era of a pandemic.

Meet the experts

As privacy, health and safety are being factored into travel choices more than ever before, we are continually developing solutions to ensure our clients and their businesses are able to keep moving. We strongly believe that business aviation is as vital now as it ever has been and that once more restrictions are lifted, our network will be even more vital to support businesses and the global economy.

In our 16 years of operations, VistaJet has weathered many global and regional economic storms, and each time, we have emerged a stronger company. This time is not any different.

Planning to start flying again soon?

Our experts are here to find solutions and are your best travel advisors for every journey.