November 30, 2020

Private Jet to/from Los Angeles


At VistaJet we put your comfort first, no matter whether you’re flying for business or leisure. Our luxury private aircrafts can be tailored to your needs to ensure a seamless travel experience. If you need a private jet arriving in or departing from Los Angeles, our empty leg flights are perfect – especially for those last-minute meetings.

Why choose an empty leg private jet charter to Los Angeles?

When a client arranges a private jet to one destination, the aircraft will potentially need to fly to another destination to pick up its next passenger. Therefore, this connecting flight is the ‘empty leg’ of a one-way private jet. This is ideal if you are looking at a private jet to LA, as you will receive all the luxury of a private jet charter to Los Angeles, but at a reduced rate.

I’d like to know more about VistaJet’s empty leg options. Which locations can I travel to on a private jet charter from Los Angeles?

Whether you’re in need of a jet to or from Los Angeles, we can accommodate your requests. Our empty leg from Los Angeles to New York private jet service is ideal if you have last-minute meetings on the east coast. Or perhaps you have enjoyed a long weekend in Nice and require a private jet to LA? Allow us to help.

How much does it cost to book an empty leg seat on a private jet charter to Los Angeles?

If you are flexible with your plans, and only seeking a one-way flight, our empty leg service could be as much as 25-75% cheaper than a regular fare, depending on the particular flight details. This is ideal if you are making regular ad hoc trips to or from the west coast and prefer to travel in luxury.

How do I book an empty leg seat on a private jet to LA?

Download the VistaJet app today to instantly gain access to the best empty leg flights. Once you have downloaded the app, ensure that you become a Direct Member so that you can receive notifications on when a private jet to LA is departing from an airport near you. Contact us for more information or request a quote to start flying in style.