January 10, 2022

Resolve to fly better in 2022


As a society, each new year we reflect on what has gone before and make resolutions to improve. And at VistaJet, we are once again enhancing our fleet, our service levels and the value of our Program membership. Will you join us and resolve to fly better in 2022?

Here are three essential improvements you will make by becoming a Program Member.

You will find better value in private aviation

Program membership is, at its core, a value-driven travel solution. It’s a more logical, efficient and customer-first alternative to full or fractional jet ownership – or even chartering.

Pay for the hours you fly

As a Program Member, you’ll pay for the hours you fly at a fixed hourly rate and nothing else. When you compare this expense to the significant capital investment required to buy a jet outright or become a fractional owner, Program membership is the simplest option to justify and account for.

Buying a single year’s worth of flight hours also affords you greater flexibility as a traveller. Owners are committed until they sell, while co-owners are typically signed up for a fixed multi-year period. But our Program Members can adapt their flight hours each year as their travel needs evolve, with options to roll-over or purchase additional hours at preferred rates.

No management costs or depreciation risk

When we say you only pay for the hours you fly, we mean it. You won’t have any of the operational complexities or hidden overheads that owners deal with. That means no positioning, maintenance or staffing costs – or the administrative burden that comes with them.

There is no asset depreciation risk to absorb either. We carry out regular aircraft refurbishments to make sure you’re always flying on the best in the industry.

Use our cost calculator to analyse the comparative value Program membership could offer based on your regular flight pattern.

You will have on-demand access to a growing global fleet

Owners have to coordinate aircraft movements. Charters come with positioning considerations. Other membership providers focus on select regions. But with VistaJet, you can have a state-of-the-art jet waiting for you almost anywhere in the world with as little as 24 hours’ notice.

Unmatched global availability

Our floating fleet model helps us put aircraft in locations across the globe with maximum efficiency. A floating-fleet model means that we are not tied or biased to a certain country or region – and neither are our Members. In fact, we’ve flown clients to over 1,900 airports in 96% of the world’s countries.

We have multi-lingual aviation experts covering almost every corner of the world, ready to coordinate your travels without delay – no matter how impromptu or spontaneous.

An ever-expanding fleet

Key to our guaranteed global availability is our sheer strength in numbers. We operate an instantly recognisable fleet of over 80 jets, catering to all journey and passenger requirements – and we’re expanding our roster yet further in 2022.

This growth includes the private aviation industry flagship Global 7500, which sets new standards for speed, range, sustainability and onboard comfort. Members will have a total of 14 at their disposal by the end of 2022, plus 8 new Challenger 350s in the popular super-midsize business jet category.

We are also completing fleet-wide interior refurbishments to ensure each aircraft looks and feels even more exceptional than it did when first taking to the skies.

You will experience unparalleled service and expertise

Even with our value-driven pricing and impressive global resources, our people are what truly makes our product what it is. We’ve invested heavily in infrastructure, training and service innovation to provide feelings of ease and delight that no other aviation solution can offer.

Seamless booking and account management

A smooth travel experience starts long before take-off. With more than 1,000 professionals of over 60 nationalities at your service, you can expect seamless connections that factor in cultural values and differences as well as local travel regulations.

Program Members are also benefitting from a new-and-improved client services structure that consolidates day-to-day booking with account management. With clear communication and dedicated contacts, each trip is as frictionless as the last.

Premium in-flight service from highly trained professionals

Every VistaJet pilot and Cabin Hostess performs with a wealth of assurance and expertise granted by our rigorous selection process and training programs. With countless flight hours recorded and premium safety and service education completed, our in-flight service levels are unparalleled.

At the same time, we’re always striving to provide that human touch that extraordinary travel relies on. Enhanced VistaPet and Adventures in the Sky programs relax and captivate passengers of all ages and varieties, while bespoke touches like regional dinner services make clients feel at home wherever they are.

Build your Program and fly better in 2022

If your current aviation solution is sub-par or even satisfactory, we can help you make a change for the better in 2022. That means better value, better availability and better service.

Get in touch with our team below and start building a Program around your unique flight profile and preferences.