August 24, 2020

Return back to school, safely


COVID-19 had a huge impact on the education sector. As the upcoming semesters fast approach, the pressure on institutions to determine whether or not to resume in-person classes is increasing.

“International students play an important role in our education, research and innovation enterprises in the United States. These students make us stronger, and we hurt ourselves when we alienate them.” said L. Rafael Reif, president of M.I.T.

Data from The Atlantic noted that in 2017 there were “more than 8,000 international schools, serving 4.5 million students with 420,000 teachers.” And, 20% of students were not actually from the school’s host country. “According to ISC, demand is rising — in the next 10 years, experts expect the number of international schools to double to more than 16,000 schools and 8.75 million students worldwide.”

Owing to the increased complications with commercial air travel, students around the world may be facing difficulty in returning to their respective campus, particularly those who live overseas. Travel restrictions continue to change daily, making it unclear if airlines will accommodate their once scheduled routes any time in the near future. VistaJet recognizes the importance of their education and their enrollment and is willing to help.

According to The New York Times, “Each year, about 1 million international students enroll in American universities. They contribute $41 billion to the economy annually and support more than 458,000 jobs. College towns are heavily dependent on international students for their economic well-being, and the Partnership for a New American Economy and the American Enterprise Institute estimate that every H-1B visa, a foreign worker visa, leads to two jobs being created.”

Stay safe. Fly safe.

During this time of uncertainty, VistaJet is helping people with critical travel requirements to keep moving. Through our global network and infrastructure, we have been working directly with Governments and Consulates around the world, helping them to repatriate citizens by providing complimentary empty leg flights. As part of our continuous effort to support communities, we now extend this offer to select institutions around the world to ensure students can return to campus safely.

With a fleet of over 70 aircraft covering 96% of the world, and with the most stringent health and safety standards, VistaJet has taken additional steps along with its partners to further strengthen safety and security procedures every day — to safeguard passengers and crew, and to ensure continuity in our services.

VistaJet protects you, on every aircraft and on every flight.

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