January 20, 2021

Setting the Agenda: Making In Flight Business Travel Meetings a Success


As a business leader, your calendar will be filled with calls and conversations. If you often embark on global business travel, you might find that you lose valuable time during the journey. But meetings can take place anywhere, and one way to maximize your time is to arrange a conference while you’re on the go.

If you’re set to jet off soon, consider conducting a meeting while in the air. It’s possible to make the most of your private jet interior and stick to your business meeting agenda while making your way to your next destination.

Here at VistaJet, we arrange aircraft for business leaders and entrepreneurs to fly in and out of some of the hardest destinations to reach. So, no matter which location you’re heading to and who you meet with during the journey, you will get there in superior luxury. All our flights are tailored to ensure seamless travel, so you can attend a mid-flight meeting that smoothly slots in with your schedule.

So, what can you do to make your meeting in the sky a big success? Here are some tips to help you turn your business travel into a valuable opportunity.

Think ahead

Put in the time to arrange your meeting before you set off. This gives everyone who will be on the flight and attending the meeting time to make the relevant preparations.

To do this, brief your PA about your plans to maximize your meeting time. Try to give them enough time to book everyone onto the flight. It’s likely that those you’re meeting with on the jet will also be doing business with you when you reach your destination, so it’s important that this time before the flight goes smoothly.

Also, make sure the business meeting agenda has been sent around before you get on board. This will give attendees the opportunity to think about what will be discussed, along with an idea of timings. Breaking everything down into the key action points before you take off is a great way to set expectations and establish how long you want to spend on each.

If you are taking any junior members of your team with you, the agenda will also help to guide them during the meeting. If this is the first trip that you’re taking them on, it’s possible that they won’t be used to global business travel, so use this time before you board to give them key information.

For instance, they’ll need to know the dress code both for the in-flight meeting and what they’ll need to wear when you arrive. It’s also wise to make clear the role you want them to play in the meeting and your expectations of them when you land.

Be productive

When you board, make the most of the private jet’s interior by sitting where you can see the people you need to do business with. You want everyone to be sitting comfortably where they can see the screen that you’re showing them or the notes you’re sharing. This will help you to use the space in a productive way and ensure everyone settles into the meeting.

During the meeting, keep everything on track. If this is the first time you or your business partners have had a meeting mid-flight, it might be easy to become distracted. To avoid this, keep the topics you’re covering concise and easy to follow. Try to stick to short bullet points so that you hold everyone’s attention.

As you are all travelling to the destination together, this meeting on the jet is likely to be the precursor to further discussions when you land. Bear this in mind as having this pre-emptive catch up with key players might put you in a good position for when you arrive.

Secure the essentials

As you’re on the move, there’s a chance you’ll hit turbulence. Consider how this might become an issue and secure any paperwork so that you don’t lose important documents halfway through your presentation.

Any devices you have will also need to be secured. You don’t want your laptop or phone to slide off the table if the jet hits a rough patch.

Take a break

Whether passengers on the jet are used to global business travel or they’re new to visiting other parts of the world for work, it’s important that you give everyone a break. This is different to typical breaks that you have to consider in the office, as you’re all in a very different setting.

Aim to draw the meeting to a close early or split the time up. This gives everyone the chance to enjoy the onboard dining selection or just relax and take in the private jet’s luxurious interior.

Wherever you’re flying to, allow us to provide the perfect space for your mid-flight meeting. Get in touch with us and we will help you with all your business travel needs.