January 22, 2024

Soar into the Year of the Dragon with VistaJet


VistaJet, the world’s first and only global business aviation company, is celebrating the Year of the Dragon by presenting three unforgettable journeys curated for the Lunar New Year.

The dragon in the Chinese zodiac symbolizes adventure, success and ambition, which reflect the entrepreneurial spirit that has propelled VistaJet’s continued expansion over the past 20 years.

Embark on new adventures in the Year of the Dragon

VistaJet works with hundreds of partners around the world to curate personalized itineraries for its Members. This Lunar New Year, VistaJet is collaborating with Entourage Collection, the private members’ concierge and travel company, to recommend three spectacular itineraries with VistaJet providing point-to-point travel.

“Traveling with VistaJet is not just about getting from one place to another. We discover what our clients are passionate about and integrate it before, during and after each flight. Journeys start when their silver and red aircraft takes off, and continue with a new adventure on the ground.”

Matteo Atti, Chief Marketing Officer at VistaJet

Swiss alps

Swiss Alps

Take to the slopes at Verbier, an exclusive Swiss Alps ski resort that features vistas of the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc mountains. This high-altitude escape is easily accessible for VistaJet Members via the town of Sion, just a short drive away. This experience blends seamless private travel with top-tier skiing, world-class dining and bespoke family festivities. The resort is home to luxury private chalets that offer an extraordinary family retreat.

Activities include heli-skiing, paragliding and a family horse-drawn sleigh ride. The New Year celebration will culminate with a lavish private meal against the perfect mountain backdrop, symbolizing the year’s achievements


Kenya, Victoria Falls and South Africa

This unforgettable expedition begins in Nairobi, Kenya with breakfast at the Giraffe Manor where Members will be greeted by the resident Rothschild’s giraffes, loved by visitors of all ages. Embark on a safari in the legendary Masai Mara National Reserve, home to lions, elephants and buffalos, and admire the sunrise on board a hot-air balloon.

Continue south on a scenic flight over the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, before staying near the mighty Zambezi River. The Cape of South Africa is the grand finale, where Members can explore Cape Town, nearby wineries and the majestic Table Mountain.



In this fascinating journey, VistaJet Members will be immersed in the vibrancy of the bustling metropolis of Tokyo. Explore the city’s dynamic energy before venturing to Hakone, situated at the foothills of Mount Fuji, to enjoy a soak at the rejuvenating hot springs and take in Japan’s stunning natural scenery.

The journey continues to Kyoto, a city that beautifully showcases Japan’s rich cultural heritage. Savor a traditional Japanese Lunar New Year feast with family and friends, creating enduring memories. Further embrace the culture with a private tea ceremony guided by a tea master, or experience the art of kenbu sword dancing dressed in traditional samurai attire.

Family Feast

Family feast at 45,000 feet

These Lunar New Year adventures would not be complete without a family feast, and VistaJet creates the best festive fine-dining experiences in aviation. The secret to maintaining the same impeccable taste in the air as on the ground is to rely on fresh, high-quality ingredients. These must be naturally high in flavor and retain their texture when reheated, to overcome the desensitization of taste buds that occurs in the air — at 45,000 feet, the perception of salt and sweetness is reduced by around 30%.

The VistaJet team works with world-renowned Michelin-starred chefs and restaurants to design a customized menu before each flight. Taste the difference when festive Chinese delights such as sticky rice dish Nian Gao are expertly paired with traditional Chinese teas, or when VistaJet’s signature Caviar Service is perfectly matched with Champagne, vodka or Japanese sake.

The Lunar New Year recommendations are part of VistaJet’s Private World portfolio, which includes exclusive experiences made available for VistaJet Members all year round. With guaranteed access to a fleet of over 300 aircraft including the ultra-long-haul Global 7500, that can fly 17 hours non-stop, VistaJet Members can take off anytime, to fly anywhere across the world.