June 12, 2018

The secret mission


Part of Adventures in the sky, designed especially for children at high altitude.

As in the best classic spy movies, recruits have the chance to train as a secret service agent and solve an international criminal operation, all in a day’s work.

They will be guided by a sharply dressed in-flight ‘spy chief ’, who will provide briefcases with cryptography kits, spy gadgets and a Kingsman-inspired training program. Upon boarding, new agents will receive an introduction to the art of writing and decrypting code, taking fingerprints, crime scene techniques, secret messaging and a black light (UV) use. Having been skilled-up, our agents are ready for their first mission. Delivered through the on-board audio visual system, the brief will involve working through a series of codes, riddles and hardware to foil the plot of a fiendish criminal plan. All exercises are designed in advance to be age appropriate and suitable for those flying. If desired, we can plan for the quest to continue through to their destination and beyond.

Ages: 7–16
Duration: 3 hours or more
Lead time: 3 weeks

Spy Kit

Cracking the ultimate Spy Kit is the first step to becoming an international secret agent. Issued with a locked combination briefcase and a dossier of top secret information upon boarding, young passengers will solve clues and watch pre-recorded messages from spy chiefs to break into the case. Inside is a series of spy equipment and hidden information to work through, including secret UV messages, Da Vinci-style cryptexts, trackers, dictaphone recordings and a mysterious prize. The Spy Kit is designed to keep budding secret agents entertained for hours.

Ages: 7–16
Duration: 2 hours
Lead time: 2 weeks

Adventures in the Sky

Adventures in the Sky is the most extensive travelers’ program designed especially for children at high altitude. Bringing to life extraordinary experiences that combine world class hospitality, with unique entertainment and educational elements tailored to your child’s age and interests, our aim is to make every journey remarkable. Collaborating for the first time with entertainers Sharky and George — whose children’s parties have been met with widespread international acclaim — has allowed us to turn our cabins into playrooms and party venues, where fantasy can become reality. From storytelling booklets, personalized backpacks and hampers, through to games and a host of interactive adventures, we cater to infants, children and young adults from ages 1 to 16. Our Adventures in the Sky can be fully customized — contact your dedicated Customer Experience Manager to make your child’s time with us truly memorable.