August 13, 2021

Three Steps to Private Air Travel Perfection


With VistaJet, discover a private aviation membership solution that works for you – an iconic fleet, transparent pricing, and global availability

Program membership – three steps to private air travel perfection

Our Program membership is a unique solution that strives to make private aviation work for all our Members. But what does that actually mean for you?

In the simplest terms, Program membership ensures corporate leaders and private individuals can enjoy the advantages of owning a private jet – with none of the unwanted responsibilities. Discover the key benefits that make our Program so special – and what you can expect if you become a Member.

Over 70 branded jets, renowned for consistency

  1. A variety of aircraft, tailored to your needs

    Program membership gives you guaranteed access to the world’s largest privately owned Bombardier fleet. Within it are a range of Challenger and Global jets to suit all flight durations, and trip and passenger requirements, ensuring you can board the ideal aircraft every time.

    Our fleet of over 70 jets now includes the industry flagship Global 7500, boasting higher speeds and longer range with less noise and fuel consumption.

  2. Consistent exterior and cabin design

    You’ll know what to expect whenever and wherever you fly with VistaJet. The exterior of every one of our jets is adorned with our distinctive silver foundation and red stripe – and that consistency continues when you step onboard.

    All our branded cabins follow the same design and are fully equipped for all needs, whether that means relaxing with family or connecting with colleagues on the ground.

  3. The same superb service levels

    That consistency applies to our in-flight service too. You’ll be taken care of by Cabin Hostesses trained by the British Butler Institute, Norland College and the Wine & Education Trust. All Program members can enjoy a la carte dining, while our Adventures in the Sky and VistaPet programs are designed to put every type of guest at ease.

A value-driven private travel solution

  1. A fixed pricing structure

    The pricing structure of our Program membership is value-driven and easy to account for. You’ll only pay for the hours you fly. At the same time, you avoid the positioning costs associated with private jet ownership and chartering.

    We always try to keep your flight costs as predictable as possible – so that you are fully in the picture before you take off. Why not use our easy-to-use cost calculator to assess the value of Program membership based on your typical charter flights or compare it to ownership.

  2. Asset-free

    Program membership is an asset-free private travel solution. You’ll enjoy access to the very best aircraft in the industry without the up-front costs and ongoing responsibilities that come with ownership.

    You won’t need to coordinate crew, schedule maintenance or manage positioning logistics either. Leave the work to us, sit back and enjoy hassle-free flying.

  3. No depreciation risk

    You’ll also avoid the depreciation risk that full or fractional private jet ownership brings. The high costs of upgrades and inefficiency of older engines make aircraft depreciation significant, but with VistaJet your investment will be in your annual flight hours alone.

    It’s a private air travel solution that offers true practical value without the risk of diminishing financial returns.

The first and only global fleet

  1. 96% of countries covered

    We’ve flown clients to over 1,900 airports in 96% of the world’s countries. Whether you plan to break into growth markets, soak up new cultures or enjoy exclusive breaks, you can with VistaJet.

    We’ve flown into and out of some of the world’s most inaccessible destinations as well as its busiest, providing the same ease and comfort every time.

  2. Availability, anywhere

    Our fleet offers guaranteed availability to members in as little as 24 hours, globally. We aren’t U.S.-centric or limited to certain continents or regions, and neither are you. Other private air providers cannot match our global coverage or focus.

    Whatever your schedule or travel ambitions, our Program membership will get you there as efficiently as possible without lengthy lead times.

  3. Over 1,200 international aviation experts

    You’ll enjoy seamless connections around the world with the support of our international aviation experts. Our diverse team includes multilingual professionals of over 60 nationalities.

    Wherever you’re heading, we offer the knowledge and resources required to cater to your travel needs. That includes an in-depth understanding of cultural values and differences as well as local travel regulations.

Discuss program membership today

Could Program membership offer the valuable travel solution you’re looking for?

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