July 06, 2019

VistaJet flights up 21% in Europe


VistaJet flights up 21% in Europe – reinforcing its consistent growth In the market

The leader in global business aviation amplifies its positive momentum with a demonstration tour of its flagship Global 6000 aircraft

  • Flight hours up 21% H1 2018 regionally against the same time last year
  • New Program Members double year-on-year
  • Follows positive global 2018 half year results
  • Equity valued in excess of $2.5Bn – making VistaJet one of Europe’s most valuable Unicorns

VistaJet, the first and only global aviation company, celebrated its consistent growth and commanding position in Europe with a demonstration tour across the region, showcasing its flagship Global 6000 aircraft in Stockholm, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid and Istanbul. The company is delighted to announce a set of results that highlight the significant progress made across Europe throughout the first half of 2018.

VistaJet has seen new contracts of its flagship Program membership double year-on-year throughout Europe as the number of flights increased by 21%. With clients buying more hours to meet their flying needs, VistaJet considerably surpasses the overall European business aviation sector’s results. Europe continues to prove a significant global market for corporates and private individuals flying privately, accounting for 41% of total VistaJet hours flown in 2017.

Local market results include for H1 2018:
  • Flight departures: Sweden and Turkey spearheaded the growth with a 68% and 82% respectively increase. France registered a 20% rise, Spain 18% and Germany 12%;
  • Flight hours: Customers are flying more, and for longer distances, highlighted by an increase of 131% in flight hours in Sweden, 58% in Turkey, 37% in Germany, 21% in France and 15% in Spain;
  • Number of passengers: Across the VistaJet fleet, passengers grew by 39% in Sweden, 21% in Germany and Spain, 16% in France and 15% in Turkey.

If current trends continue, the remainder of 2018 is expected to be another momentous time for the company. The upper-end of the sector historically tracks the global economy, and with Europe seeing growth once more, demand is only set to build in 2019. While the more budget end of the sector is struggling, trading for premium brands such as VistaJet – one of Europe’s top five Unicorns, with an equity valuation in excess of $2.5 billion – is strong, as business leaders, corporations and UHNWIs are becoming ever more selective in their booking choices.

Corporates continue to account for the majority of VistaJet’s global client base, with 70% of overall flights being for business purposes. This said, superior high levels of service continue to be fundamental for all passengers. VistaJet tailors each flight to its customers’ needs; aircraft are able to serve as an office in the sky for customers needing to prepare for meetings and maximize productivity. Additionally, a Cabin Hostess trained by the renowned British Butler Institute on every flight ensures customers receive an exceptional service, from in-flight entertainment to exclusive menus curated by the world’s most renowned chefs.

As a result of 14 years of investment and development, VistaJet is one of the most technologically integrated companies in business aviation. In addition to its flagship Program membership, VistaJet’s digital solution, Direct, offers customers a fully integrated end-to-end service via its app, website and 24/7 global sales team.

Unlike business jet charter, VistaJet owns every one of the over 70 silver and red aircraft in its fleet, so customers know exactly what will greet them on the tarmac across the world. With a dedicated operations center in Malta, a truly global infrastructure, guaranteed aircraft availability and unrivalled service, VistaJet is perfectly positioned to deliver further positive results over the coming years. To date, the company has connected over 330,000 passengers on over 132,000 flights to over 1,600 airports in 187 countries – covering 96% of the world.