July 29, 2021

What does carbon offsetting mean?


In April 2021, VistaJet committed to being fully carbon neutral across its entire business by 2025 — spearheading the call for change in the aviation industry.

VistaJet began its sustainability journey in January 2020, introducing its Sustainability in Aviation pledge. Since then over 80% of VistaJet Members have opted in to compensate for their fuel use-related emissions by investing in certified carbon credits around the world.

But what is carbon offsetting, and what does it mean for VistaJet and our customers?

Carbon offsetting, sometimes referred to as carbon compensation, is an internationally recognised way to counteract unavoidable carbon emissions. It requires individuals or organisations to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions by preventing the same amount of emissions from entering the atmosphere elsewhere on Earth.

Where climate change is a global problem, the geographical location of the emission reduction does not hamper its effectiveness on the global landscape.

Businesses play an essential role in accelerating the pace of climate action by investing in low-carbon technologies, or means to reduce emissions.

Preserve the Pristine Atolls of the Red Sea

One such avenue is investing in carbon credits.

A carbon credit is a certificate that corresponds to the reduction or offsetting of one ton of CO2 equivalent. By purchasing carbon credits, an individual or organisation can advance the development of global projects in areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, or supporting climate adaptation efforts in local communities.

VistaJet is working hard to contribute to this.

As part of our pledge to be carbon neutral by 2025, VistaJet has selected emission projects of exceptional quality that adhere to the highest environmental standards — which also hold additional environmental and social certifications

Our portfolio of projects currently includes:

  1. Kariba Forest Protection, Zimbabwe
  2. Musi Renewable Hydropower, Indonesia
  3. Efficient Cookstoves, China
  4. Wind Farms, Taiwan

VistaJet passengers can contribute to projects that not only reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, but also support the well-being of local communities in the countries they fly to.

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