June 17, 2021

VistaJet and Ferrari extend partnership


Increasing safety for Ferrari Competizioni GT and Corse Clienti, professional and amateur Ferrari drivers will be able to fly to the races from any country in the world with VistaJet and XO.

Vista Global, the private aviation group founded by Thomas Flohr, announces it will open its global private jet fleet to all the Ferrari drivers participating in international GT races and in the Prancing Horse monobrand championships. The new service will help all Ferrari international drivers enjoy a safe and seamless flying experience with VistaJet and XO as they travel globally to compete in the races.

The Ferrari 488 GTE and 488 GT3 race in over 20 international championships all over the world, while the 488 Challenge Evo are the stars of the Ferrari Challenge series in Europe, North America and Asia. The races take place across the five continents over a 12 months’ calendar and involve hundreds of participants from around the world, including the best professional and amateur drivers.

VistaJet and XO will take care of every detail of the flights, to ensure passengers can enjoy a tailored and unparalleled service. Their award-winning safety adheres to the most rigorous standards in the world, and to safeguard passengers and crew, the group has taken additional steps to further strengthen its COVID-19 procedures on every flight.

The partnership is announced today in Le Mans, where the #54 VistaJet / XO 488 GTE participates with a team comprised of Thomas Flohr, Francesco Castellacci and Giancarlo Fisichella.

Vista Global’s Founder and Chairman, Thomas Flohr, said: “Racing has been a passion of mine for many years. Alongside my team, I have experienced first-hand the demands of racing and the intense focus required to consistently deliver a winning performance. Vista Global is excited to be able to support all Ferrari drivers to get where they need to be, safely and in optimum condition so they can focus on what is the most important — the competition and performance on track.”